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Aerial Photography & Videography is a new frontier that can dramatically enhance marketing. Tell your story wit’n creative, engaging aerial shots. Beneficial for any kind of business.Let’s name few: Real Estate Real estate was one of the first industries to embrace drones. Drones give you the abilty to showcase the entire property and even the neighborhood. Inspections Send a drone to places that are hazardous to human inspectors: Pitched roofs, industrial stacks, cell towers, wind turbines, hazardous waste sites or emerge, situations.

Progress Documentation Demonstrate progress for your construction or renovation project with tirne lapse documentation. Farming & Agriculture Drones have the ability to increase agricultural efficie, by identifying plants with “bio-stress”. Current agricultural drone software has the ability to count plants and forecast yields. Even plan height measurement is possible to determine grown stages.

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Sphereview can provide stunning 4K UHD video and high quality aerial photography for your listing or marketing needs.

Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio

Baie Lazare Mahe

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The Aerial Advantage


Drone real estate photography and videography have become the new standard for real estate marketing over the past years. By showing prospective buyers all the amenities and facilities that surround the property, they can get a real feel of the investment that is being made.

Demonstrating just how close the property is to a shopping center or that the kids really can walk through the park to get to school is often all it needs to help you get that buyer engagement. Our real estate drone videos are able to show scale, lifestyle, emotion and a 360 visual representation of amenities and views in a way that simple photography just can’t do.

In addition, aerial photography using drones for real estate – is now legal! Therefore getting footage, impressing your sellers and using it to get more fabulous listings is now EASY.

We help you market your properties in the most professional way possible using drones for real estate. All of our Real Estate Packages for agents include stills, 4k video digital callouts, plat map drawing where needed, phasing identified and a step by step marketing plan to ensure you leverage all parts of your business.

Having us film the property will set your listing apart from your competition, not to mention that the incredible digital medium that we provide you with can be used to further attract and engage with many more future customers. Our mission is to help agents sell their homes quicker and more efficiently by finding the buyers anywhere.  So if you have a home, a mansion, a lot, a subdivision or a commercial building let our talents marry up with yours to get your listing marketed to the largest audience reach possible.

Our services are used by the Film & TV production,event organizers (weddings,birthdays…), real estate companies and various medium and small businisses,construction industry from roof surveys to devolpment documenting, 3d mapping… Drones have more uses than you realize Don, hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests.