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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big subject and a difficult one to master.  How do some sites manage to be at the top of the search engine rankings while others may as well be invisible?  It doesn’t happen by accident.

SEO is the detailed assessment, configuration and search engine registration of a website to achieve high listings under popular, relevant keywords in the major search properties. These search properties include search engines, directories, searchable portals and keyword bid engines. Search engines are by far the most popular method of finding online material.

SEO involves detailed market analysis, strategic optimisation and submission aimed at providing high quantity, targeted traffic streams. SEO can achieve high ranks in the major search properties, not only under the site brand, but also heavily searched generic keywords relating to the site products and services.

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Optimising with intelligence

Once a site is launched, attention needs to turn to its ongoing performance and ability to compete both in terms of visibility as well as functionality and relevance.

Google Analytics

All sites have built in SEO tools and come with Google Analytics installed.

SEO strategies

We can provide successfully SEO strategies and recommendations for your website.

Monthly reporting

We can provide ongoing SEO services including content writing and reporting.

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What we provide with SEO?

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page optimisation
  • Deep site optimisation
  • Valuable link building
  • Brand protective approach
  • Manual search engine submission
  • Optimisation for a re-brand
  • Position reporting

Once a site is built – how can we measure how well it’s performing and where can we tweak its performance to improve site visitor sign up and engagement? CRO is a technique that allows us to identify specific user behaviour and tasks and then make tweaks to specific steps in a process.

We then split users in to various groups – where group A may be given an existing set of content or functionality whilst another will be presented with a new and improved variant. We can then track and measure whether the changes improve or hinder a user’s interaction in the site – do more passive users sign up or engage with the service? If it improves it it can be pushed live to all users of the site.



  • Creates a granular, step by step process into understanding and tweaking a website over time
  • Measurable and insightful
  • Avoids assumptions and provides evidence based feedback on site improvements and user engagement